January 26th, 2006

CJ - Seely thinks you're stupid.

Funnys, Quizzes, and a To-Do List.

VM spoilers! THIS is the funniest thing ever.

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Things to do:
1 - Finish "Madeline & Nine" video (over halfway there, damn it!)
2 - Make a Sam post in the newsroom thread
3 - Finish Malcolm's profile
4 - Make a Peter Nevin sig/av/profile/intro post
5 - Watch me some Oz
6 - Watch me some Dark Angel

Of these, #0 will be the only one accomplished tonight. Heh. I crack me up. Which is good, because someone should.
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CSI - Hodges/Greg

I support the following statements.

1: Hoodwinked is the most awesomest animated movie of all time. Srsly. Go see now.

2: Because Ken Marino does the voice of the raccoon in Hoodwinked, we are obv. meant to be.

3: Ken Marino has joined Dean Winters, Michael Muhney, and David Monahan on my 'Favorite Actors EVAR' list. (Fifth place, of course, belongs to Dylan Bruno for as long as he wants it.)

4: Four Kings is the. slashiest. show. EVER. At least, currently on TV. Especially since Wanted got cancelled.

5: TNT is on my temporary shit list for cancelling Wanted (temp. means that I'll still watch it, but I'll sneer every time the network logo appears. I fear that nothing short of completely dropping Law & Order reruns will put TNT on the permanent shit list).

SPOILERS for the latest CSI.
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