January 30th, 2006

CJ - scrubs

Kitty kat.

Just chatted with Kat on Yahoo!IM for the first time in YEARS UPON YEARS OF YEARS. We're going to try and "hang" at my "pad" later today, after school. But first, I must secure permission from le parental units! Which shall be le hard, because I have not cleaned le room in le three years. However, I've also not hung out with friends in about as long, so maybe she'll just be so happy I'm getting a "social life".

I figure I'll ask my mom when we're waiting for our breakfast to be made at the bagel place. She's usually very agreeable then. If she's in a bad mood, though, I'll avoid the question.

We'll catch up on all the "gossip" and things, and I may try to force-feed her some Veronica Mars. Because EVERYONE must catch the obsession! Or else!
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