February 8th, 2006

VM - karaoke daze, RL - Spoon

Ain't No (Magic) Mountain High Enough for skiing!

So Veronica Mars totally rocked, but I don't have my usual "everything I was thinking" run down because I didn't have my computer at that point - the 'rents took over the room with the big couch and big TV, so I was stuck in the front room with the tiny-ass TV and no outlet anywhere near where I have to sit in order to see the TV well. But the episode TOTALLY ruled.

Ironic: the episode title is "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough", and I totally went into the mountains today. Almost as creepy as learning about cults in sociology on the day that "Drinking the Kool-Aid" aired.

Speaking of me being in the mountains, today was Humanex Academy's ski day. I got up at 4.30 this morning, got to school right before 6AM, and proceeded to wait around for about an hour before boarding. Two and a half hours later, we're at Keystone, where we got to wait until noon to do anything. And then got to wait from one to three in order to leave. Jeez.

I actually didn't go skiing (I have no skis, and have never been skiing before, so it would have been stupid to start then), I went tubing. Which is totally more fun. And much more of a group activity - since you could go down in groups of up to four, all holding onto each others' tubes, and we spent almost all of the day just hanging out anyway (you can only go tubing for one hour, it seems). And I totally would rather hang with the kids who went tubing than the guys who went skiing or snowboarding (the only girls who went were me, Lacey, and Grace - all of whom went tubing - and Jessie, who went shopping (yes, there were only like four stores. Yes, she really did just shop all day).

Our group was me; the aformentioned Grace (sweet little middle schooler vegitarian who's usually totally shy, but was totally goofy and actually cursed a couple of times by the end of the day) and Lacey (the totally cool bisexual girl who is on/off dating lesbian!Sara); and Ian, Ethan, and Henry (an assortment of middle school boys; Ethan also has a habit of throwing snow at me CONSTANTLY). Jill was our "supervisor", but she didn't actually do anything. Which was okay, because we had tons of fun that way. Especially throwing chunks of snow into the fake gas fire thing. And eating pizza at a bar. And that point when she was still at the top of the mountain and we were at the bottom and Henry, Lacey and I were waiting inside the place where you get off the gondolas while Ethan, Ian, and Grace were outside and were messing with one of the windows (I can't remember if Ethan actually liked it, or just mimed to).

I took a bunch of pictures, but the stupid picture CDs don't work on my computer - I think something's seriously fucked up with my CD drive.
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