February 10th, 2006

LOCI - research


BWAHA! I was watching an old Law & Order rerun (I think the first with Abbie), and at the end, McCoy basically extends a peace offering to Abbie and sticks his hand out for her to shake. She grabs his wrist, turns his hand so the palm's up, and then slaps it and walks off with a grin.

And now, off to chiropractor!
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CJ - *smirk*

Things that rawk plus memes.

Things that are awesome:

1. NCIS has a confirmed release for the season one DVD - it won't be till May, but still!
2. Zacharias Smith has been cast for the OotP movie (some guy named Nick Shim, for whom this seems to be a first role)

And now, some memes.
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#s - calculator

Tonight's In Justice and Numb3rs.

Spoilers for the latest In Justice, "Cost of Freedom".
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Spoilers for the Numb3rs episode "Obsession".
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So. Tomorrow it's looking like it won't get very warm at all - like, at all at all, so hopefully we'll be doing indoors PT. Like basketball or something. That would rawk. A bunch of us were suggesting doing basketball for PT last week.

The schedule looks like this: Officer Safety, Firearms Safety, Lunch, ACT (no idea what that is), PT. That's all. Safety classes are going to take up the entire morning. Fun.

Someone remind me to get an In Justice icon.