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February 12th, 2006

OZ - Ryan wordless

It's a show about Irish guys, and it has Kirk Acevedo!

How can Dean Winters not be involved in this? It's a travesty! Dear NBC: if you get Dean Winters in for a recurring role, I will forgive you for everything - yes, including cancelling Hawaii and L&O:TBJ. Thanks, Lee.
DA - Alec/Logan

Regarding "UltraViolet";

Has Hollywood learned NOTHING from Aeonflux? NOTHING? Besides, it looks like a really cheap really cheesy knock-off of Dark Angel - srsly, yo.

...which makes me want to watch Dark Angel. Which I'm so not going to do because it's almost midnight and I need to finish this stupid-ass fic I'm working on before I go to bed or I will hate myself forever. Or, at least, until tomorrow.