February 18th, 2006

MST3K - fish

Music rules my world, dawg.

First, this is the most cracktastically hilarious thing ever. (VM meets SNL!

Secondly, I'm listening to the new The Living End album ("State of Emergency"), and damn if it doesn't rock, and damn it the songs aren't just SCREAMING to be made into VM music videos!

This I see as a PCHer/Veronica/02ers song.
Collapse )

Logan song. Totally.
Collapse )

Another Logan song! (With prime spots for some Logan/Weevil or Logan/Dick in the 'you can't even think straight' lines.)
Collapse )

Now that I've cemented my not-having-life-ness, I'm off.

PS: It's 11.21PM and I'm eating oatmeal - brown sugar with little candy 'dinosaur eggs', and drinking ginger ale. What is WRONG with me?

(PPS: Someone still needs to make a Numb3rs music video to Spoon's "My Mathematical Mind".)

Oh, and look - new icon!
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