March 5th, 2006

21JS - Duh!

Because I'm a music whore, it seems.

So I just went on a music spree. And still have about the same number of songs in iTunes as when I began.

The difference being, of course, that now iTunes is filled with songs I actually WANT to listen to! Shocking, innit?

Including a bunch of 80's songs redone by punk bands. Which is a little bit creepy, but also awesome.

Because it amuses me, I'm doing those earlier memes, but only using the 65songs in my top rated playlist (aka, the songs I actually listen to)! Hellz yeah.

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Also, because I'm bored, a list of my top 20 songs:
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Number of songs in my top 20 that wouldn't be there except for TV: 7
Number of songs in my top 20 by bands with 'the' in the title: 12
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    The Dandy Warhols - "Bohemian Like You"
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DA - whatever!

Just in case you need proof I was a loser. (57th time that title was used.)

I just spent a few hours staring at pictures of Nicholas Lea (aka Krycek from the X-Files) and have come to the conclusion that he and Michael Shanks need to play brothers in something. Anything. I mean it, dudes.

Also, to keep track of my loserosity. Things I currently have being shipped to me:
- CSI: New York book
- Serenity visual guide
- Once a Thief DVD
- Booker season one on DVD
- box of Veronica Mars cards
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