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March 7th, 2006

NCIS - Kate is pwned.

"Honestly, doctor, I thought moss grew on the south side of trees!"

Spoilers for the latest Ehnsis.
RavenousCollapse )

Good episode, folks. Meet you back here tomorrow for my CSI: New York reactions.
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MST3K - fish

Commercials and fandomosity.

SVU commercial: "What could push this cop..." Shows Stabler. "Over the edge?!"
Me: "Oh, I don't know... ANYTHING?"

So, this April 4th? Will be the six-year anniversary of my getting an account on Fanfiction.net. And I didn't join there until a while after I found it, and I didn't find it until a while after I got into Star Wars fic. So... before too long, I'll have been in fandom longer than I've been out of it. This is a little scary. Heck, I've been on Eljay for more than three years!

In other news, I'm so very tempted to put something together for newbieguide, for the 21 Jump Street fandom. Or maybe Crossing Jordan, which actually has a LJ presense that's not full of n00bs. There's also idol_reflection and ship_manifesto. Not that I could do a idol_reflection piece on anyone from 21JS, since I haven't seen the final season (maybe I could do Booker, once my slightly-illegal Booker DVDs arrive), but probably not.