March 10th, 2006

#s - Colby's like me

Amusing stuff, Chuck E. Cheese, In Justice, and Numb3rs.

Things that amuses me, Today's Edition: I have David Monahan as a Google alert, right? Well, it turns out that David Monahan is the name of a Massachusettes Assistant Attorney General. Guess where Crossing Jordan takes place? Hee!

7510 Parkway Dr.
Littleton, CO 80124

(The address of the Chuck E. Cheese I'm going to tomorrow, 8PM-11PM, for Katie's b-day party. I NEED TO WRAP HER GIFT!!!! I got her this big book of Broadway, full of color pictures, too. I'm tempted to get her the Veronica Mars soundtrack, too, but she'd just roll her eyes at me.)

By the way, Harry Potter roleplayers of GreatestJournal: next person I see using ORLANDO EFFING BLOOM to play MARCUS FLINT gets shot. I really, really mean it. I'll kill 'em. Kill 'em DEAD.

I'm watching I Love Toys, waiting for the new In Justice, and WOW. NOSTALGIA. Remembering the pepper juice in the squirt guns, my Hot Wheels, and my bike (I was totally the first in the neighborhood

Spoilers for the latest In Justice, "Badge of Honor".
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Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs, "Mind Games".
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