March 19th, 2006

21JS - *dorky wave*

It's Always Sunny MARATHON! and a meme.

"I've never statutory raped anyone before!"

Mac and Charlie attempting to huff Elmer's is AWESOME. So is Mac then sticking the end of the bottle up his nose.

Mac: "Is that a penis in your pants?"
Tranny Chick: "Yeah."
Mac: "You lied to me!"
Tranny Chick: "YOU lied to ME! 'Don't work out', I've seen you at the gym, you are ripped."
Mac: "Hey, don't turn this arou- really? You think so? Really?"

Dennis is totally gay. So is Mac. Possibly Charlie, but he's a little more on the scary side than anything - which he even admits, with his "Come over with me, so she doesn't think I'm scary?" "You ARE scary" "I KNOW, that's why I need you to go over with me!"

List Your Top Six Favorite Shows.

1. Veronica Mars
2. Crossing Jordan
4. In Justice
5. Numb3rs
6. CSI: New York
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Construction Guy #1: "Hey, that guy's beating on a chick!"
Mac: "No, no, it's okay, she's a guy! She's got a penis! So it's okay!"
Construction Guy #1: "Dude, isn't that a hate crime?"
Construction Guy #2: "HELL YEAH IT'S A HATE CRIME!"
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