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March 20th, 2006

#s - smug

Crossover memeage.

Because I don't do nearly enough of these, right?

1. Tony
2. Seely
3. Bubba
4. McGeek
5. Conti
6. Greg
7. Hodges
8. Hawkes
9. Danny
10. Flack
11. Colby
12. Larry
Get yer list ready before le clickage!Collapse )

Coming up is my reaction-post to Prison Break.
MST3K - fish

"He knows you tried."

Spoilers for the latest Prison Break (YIPPEE)! A recap for those new to the program (and by 'program', I mean me talking about PB): Nick is my boy. Eljay is my boy, and Smarter Than Me. Sucre is my boy. Kellerman is a magnificent bastard, but not one of my boys because he does not need me. Now, start!
The Rat (bitch what you say!!!)Collapse )
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