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March 23rd, 2006

VM - *g*

Some business that must be taken care of...

Everyone needs to join The Seven Horcruxes, ASAP.

Starting April 4th, Veronica Mars will be going back to its old time slot, Tuesdays at 9PM EST. Aka, the hour after NCIS airs, aka I now get to switch from NCIS straight to VM, to make it The. Best. Day. EVER. Plus, Tuesdays are non-practice and non-game and non-Explorer days. So it'll be an extra special treat on my day off!

Speaking of NCIS... Spoilers for the next 4 NCIS episodesCollapse )

I need a Vinnie icon. Or I could just upload that old Cliff/Vinnie icon I made.
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21JS - WHOA.

In which I meme-alot.

Icon meme:

1) Go to my icons.
2) Pick out your very favorite one.
3) Right click on it, go to "properties" and copy the location of the image link.
4) Post the image link in a comment using the <*img src="IMAGEURL"> code (without the * and replacing "IMAGEURL" with the image link location).

Song MemeCollapse )
Friday FiveCollapse )
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