March 27th, 2006

21JS - wordless

The promised 21 Jump Street post! Or threatened. Yeah, I think it was a threat. Mwah.

So. Just watched "Buddy System" and the beginning of "Poison", from the fifth season of 21 Jump Street.

Have come to the conclusion that MAC FUCKING RULES and that I am quite possible a Mac/Doug fan. Entirely from the basketball scene and the diner scene - what the fuck was up with the twee way that Mac munched on that fry after Doug was all "Excuse us, we need to chat"? I mean, the second I get a new computer, I am screencapping the hell out of that fucking scene. Because dude. It was AWESOME. I love ya, Mac. Don't ever change.

My mum watched "Buddy System" with me (and even put up with me pausing every two minutes to laugh my ass off or ramble about whatever I was reminded of at that moment). After Mac's first appearance, I paused and went all "Dude, new guy's like Hansen! Well, a Hansen about to snap. Maybe Hansen after the whole 'whoops, put you in prison' thing. Dude seriously looks like he's gonna show up to school the next day with a machete and make his way through the halls." Later, after the b-ball scene (which reminded me of "High High" and Booker's b-ball skillz), I paused again. "I was wrong. Mac's like... like a bizarre Hansen-Booker lovechild." My mother stared at me for a second, and then went all "Yeah... he IS." And we both shuddered, because Hansen and Booker Do Not Like Each Other That Way, But Both of Them Like Penhall That Way. Then she went to bed and I watched the beginning of "Poison". After the diner scene, I paused the show again and stared for a second. "Huh. I was wrong. Mac's not Hansen and Booker's love child, he's Booker and Penhall's! Or quite possibly all three of them in some sort of creepy genetic experiment."

(Side note: for future references, if I refer to a character named Mac as twee and/or flaming, I am talking about 21 Jump Street Mac, not CSI: NY Mac. If you think I'll ever call CSI!Mac flaming, you have serious issues and should see a psychologist ASAP.)

Oh, and for someone whose favorite character is Penhall and who dislikes Hansen, I sure as hell have a lot of Hansen icons and few Penhall ones.
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I got a new laptop!

Got a brand shiny new laptop that I am currently a-typing away on, dawgs. It's a VAIO, 100GB (which is, what, double my old laptop?), and - oh, here's the best part - it has a video card that can actually play the Sims 2. (Which I also got, along with the University expansion).

I am indeed a happy cupcake. And what the hell is that line from, anyway? Happy cupcake. Was that just something me and my stupid friends came up with, or does is it a real line? I DON'T KNOW. 'Tis a mystery.

I also have a working DVD drive, so I shall be working quite hard to get myself a beautiful icon of Mac munching on Doug's fries. And why is it that I always called him Penhall until Mac showed up? I don't know.

Hey, just realized. I now have three characters on shows I watch who are named Mac. And confusing any of them with each other is a scary, scary, SCARY-ASS thing to do. Shudder.

I'm updating from Blackhawk, Colorado. Google it if you haven't ever heard of it. It's sort of like a mini-Vegas in the Rockies. My mum's out on the floor gambling, I am in the beauty-full suite my mom got (fucking Jacuzzi tub, damn!) watching Cheers, surfin' the web (albeit through dialup), and soon-to-be screencapping 21 Jump Street because Mac is a cutey.

Tomorrow, me and my mom are going to be pretending to be tourists. Oh yeah. We're going to head into Denver, visit the zoo and aquarium and tons of museums, and then we're going to stay in a hotel in Denver, and visit more places on Wednesday. FUN TIMES!
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