March 29th, 2006

MST3K - fish

If you guessed more ramblings about 21 Jump Street, you'd be correct! Congrats.

So I'm watching this Jump Street episode, the one where Joey joins a cult? And during the montage of various cultish activities, they totally play Red Rover. Red Rover leads to cults! OMG GUYZ!

Question: This is, oh, the fourth episode Mac's been in. How the hell does he already know Fuller has a son?

Doug: "Captain, I'm going to need the interrogation room this weekend to interrogate a suspect."
Fuller: "It's yours." Leaves.
Judy: "...I already cancelled my weekend plans."
Mac: "I never had any."

Doug sends Judy and Mac "next door" to get Joey a cheeseburger. Um. I'm confused. There is a burger joint right next to the interrogation room?

It's good to see that Doug still has the same old anger problems, and that again - he takes it out on the poor inanimate objects. Wait, wait, it appears he's moved on to animate objects. Arguable, since Joey is imitating a vegetable quite decently. But it's okay, because Mac stopped Doug, and is now all close to him and holding onto his arm and is all "You want me to stay?" because Mac/Doug is the best ship.

...I just realized that I very well may like Mac/Doug because Mac has less baggage than Hansen or Booker - and he got shot (on purpose) three times by fellow (although dirty) cops. Well, I mean, Booker didn't exactly have a lot - or, um, any that I can remember - of baggage, but he acted like he did, y'know? Mac is younger and, initial behavior notwithstanding, more trusting than the others. He geniunely seems to like other people, and doesn't mind schlepping. Contrast with Hansen's initial uppity behavior and "Gasp! You mean in order to fit in with teenagers I have to pretend to be one?" attitude.

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VM - Cliff

"You undercounted the sassy."

Spoilers for the latest Veronica Mars episode.
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Spoilers for the latest CSI: New York episode.
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AAAH! My hearing just went all wonky, with one ear losing all hearing, and the other getting this hollow ringing sound, if that makes any sense. And what's up with this new 'current location' field?