April 2nd, 2006

MST3K - fish

Mwahahahahaha. Hah.

Thanks to everybody who was so supportive of me when I was having my mini-mental breakdown. Hope you're all prepared for next week, as I melt down as a prelude to doing the physical fitness testing (aka, the death run). In the meantime, I'm fine! Although I seem to have developed a worrying habit of calling myself 'ese' (yeah, I don't know). I messed up some of the practicals, and thought I messed up the worse of everyone on building search - then I found out that I was one of like two people who wasn't "killed" by the person hiding in the building, so I guess I DIDN'T do too bad. Whoo!

In other news, http://www.nigelblog.com/pivot/entry.php?id=25&w=nb2#comm . Ahem. I am possibly a little sarcastic to the poor fanbrats. But considering the "winner" of Bug's dating profile... Oy.

And tomorrow, it appears I don't have school (shout-out to Katie who, although she was insufferably smug about it, pointed this out to me). So I'll be going to the optometrist to pick up my NEW GLASSES, INCL. SUNGLASSES THAT LOOK KICKASS, and then me and mum will go see Thank You For Smoking, and then I'll go to rugby practice, and then I'll watch Prison Break (special flashback version!) and the Apprentice (Tarek is hot!). Ah, Mondays.

I'm also copying all of my CDs over to my laptop, now that I have a laptop that doesn't die from trying to do that. Heh. I have over 200 songs on here right now, and well over half are songs made before my fifth birthday. I wonder what that says about me. (The other half are Less Than Jake/Mighty Mighty Bosstones/The Living End/Bowling for Soup/Mike Doughty, mostly.)

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