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April 21st, 2006

MST3K - fish

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So, this morning, I totally meant to go to school. Hand to God. Got all my stuff ready, had breakfast, got in the car - at this point, I was feeling pretty good. Well, as good as I usually feel after staying up all night. Anyway, along the drive, I started to feel sick. I figure, hey, maybe I'm just getting that occasional carsickness that likes to sneak up on me every couple of weeks. So we finally get to the school, and I just can't move. And don't want to. I've leaned the passenger seat back so I'm basically lying down, and I'm wearing my perscription sunglasses, and I slept the entire ride. And I seriously felt waaaay sick, and had this terrible pain on the right side of my head - like, from above my eye straight back to above my ear. Seriously felt like it was breaking open, or I had fractured it, or something. So I wound up not going to school, just came back to the house, and then slept from about 7AM-7PM straight. And still felt horrible and tired when I woke up.

You know what it all was? ALLERGIES. Seriously. All that, just from seasonal allergies.

On the way back from school, my mom stopped to pick up some Sudafed, and we also stopped at Jamba Juice. While we were in the parking lot, I was basically doing my sleep-deprived babbling, along the lines of "Jeeeeez, allergies, asthma, interest in archeology... I'M TURNING INTO DANIEL! Hm. Is Daddy more like O'Neill or Teal'c?" My mother found it quite amusing.

Huh, I just realized something. My medical problems all start with 'a's. Allergies, asthma, anxiety. Huh. That's cool.

I'm going to go watch some of the Sentinel before I start making even less sense. Or maybe I'll work on my Colin profile for the Seven Horcruxes. Hm...
MST3K - fish

"If you ever want to talk, I'm number two on your Nextel."

Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs.
Guns and RosesCollapse )
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21JS - wordless

The results of that song meme from earlier.

Song Meme!
1)Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
2)Post a lyric from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
3)Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
4)Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly
The ones nobody got!Collapse )

So, in conclusion. Everyone on my flist now needs to listen to nothing but 80s music and Less Than Jake. Sheesh, folks!
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