May 4th, 2006

OZ - told ya so

Mr. Mom = ruined for me.

How's this for random?

I was watching I Love the 80s 3D - 1983, and they did a bit on the movie Mr. Mom. So I decided to see if any of the kids from that movie are famous now.

Yeah, guess who played the oldest kid. Frederick Koehler. No shit. Now I'll never be able to watch Mr. Mom without imagining that the titular character is Schillinger.
CJ - *smirk*

International Spy Museum items that I want. And other stuff.

I totally want all of those (except the spy plane, possibly) for when I go to college. I mean, how awesome ARE THOSE?

Anyway. Had a police explorer meeting tonight, which went pretty good. We practiced high-risk traffic stops and prone arrests, and after the meeting most everyone stayed after to play a game of basketball. This included me. I think basketball may be the sport for me, if I can learn to actually make baskets when I shoot. I was wearing my boots - the ones that suck to do any sort of running in, let me tell you - and I was still managing to keep up with everyone else, despite how unathletic I am. We played for a half-hour straight before everybody left, and I was still feeling good. Afterwards, me and mum went to Target and got me a binder for explorers, a binder for my research paper, colored pencils, markers, and a sketchbook. And graph paper, which is for my own enjoyment, not class. Haha, I'm so awesome.

In other news, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7PM, I'm meeting with some other members of my team to work out at district three (aka "the Hollywood District", it's down by Grandview and Cherokee Trail).

I also have SATs this weekend, which... yay? Note to self: cram a bunch of random facts, vocabulary words, and quotes into your mind, you do NOT want to get another 8 for the essay (you jackass).