May 17th, 2006

CJ - Golden Boy

Two random links + new shows I like the sound of = Best. Damn. Thing. EVER OMG. = Interesting. The age bell curve is not surprising at all.

NEW SHOWS FOR TO BE WATCHING, YES? (barring schedule conflist with existing must-watches, of course)
Heroes: Great premise + Forrest from Buffy. DONE DEAL.
The Black Donnellys: Great premise, Irish guys, + KIRK ACEVEDO + GUY WHO PLAYED CONNIE ON LOCI = FUCK YEAH, Y'ALL!
Kidnapped: Eh, sounds interesting.
20 Good Years: Fuck the premise, it's got JAKE EFFING SANDVIG! HELLS YEAH, Y'ALL!
The Nine: It's up against NY, so it's probably a download thing, but it sounds damn interesting. Also, I have a freaky crush on Tim Daly (effing Wings).
Jericho: Sounds interesting, and it has two actresses that I think are great - Coleman from NCIS and Asha from Dark Angel.
30 Rock: I love me some Tracy Morgan.
Big Day: It sounds awesome.
Six Degrees: I once read a fic with this vague premise. Well, actually, two. I think it'll be cool.
Raines: Noir, humor, and intrigue. I'M IN!
Day Break: Groundhog Day, in action-adventure-series form.
Traveler: Hot guys + conspiracies FTW!

And FOX and CW haven't released their new shows yet. Daaaang. Of course, about half of these are midseason replacements if other series do badly, so... Probably won't see them until summer, if ever.

EDIT: for once, Google Alerts DIDN'T bring me news of David Monahan, lawyer guy. It brought me news of the actual actor! PS to self: make sure to buy Something New, as has DM in it and I need shiny screencaps.