May 25th, 2006

MST3K - fish

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Uploaded six of my WHAT icons, because I'm a loser. Note how half have Sam in them. He's my little manwhore, he is. Plus Peter/Caleb, which is formerly known as History-Teacher/Closeted-Gay. Plus Kimberly/Malcolm, which is freshman/senior relationship. Plus Dylan and alpacas, which... come on. (Dylan = WHAT's Logan Echolls. See vmrandom's running alpaca joke.)
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MST3K - fish

I love you people.

mibby the ninja (10:21:01 PM): people gazillions of years from now will be quoting us like Monty Python
mibby the ninja (10:21:03 PM): hard. core.
Otakulee (10:21:26 PM): Totally, dude
Otakulee (10:21:32 PM): Alpacas will be the new dead parrots.

Also, we're doing a podcast for WHAT. Yes, a podcast for an RPG. Because we're that hardxcore.

Oh, and I'm leaving tomorrow (Friday) morning for a six-week long vacation, so I may be in-and-out of touch over the next six weeks. Ciao!