June 4th, 2006


Probably the longest update you're getting for the next, oh, month.

Am in Maryland, at my aunt's house. Have caught up with my fannish activities - i.e., have seen the first episode/season three of Rescue Me, X-Men 3, and may have gotten sucked into Doctor Who (despite my best efforts to the contrary) because Jack is FUCKING HOT.

On the other hand, am on dial-up Internet. *dies a horrible death* Also, am exhausted. Went sailing today for about twenty minutes; I got to handle the little sail, which I've already forgotten the name of. But I'm so joining a sailing club or something in college. Hells yeah, dude, great fun!

Oh, and before I forget: Radio Free Roscoe is the single funniest teen show EVAR. (VMars doesn't count as a teen show; it's noir, baby!) I mean it. Just... everything. Plus, the eyecandy. All three of the main guys are totally hot, and the two geeks ain't bad neither.

(PS: Sometime later, when I'm not so tired, I'll upload some pictures from the Boston trip. Including pictures of pizza places, due to a certain fic... Haha, oh, Boston, I love you. I still need to write crazy Matt fic, thanks to Boston, and now Mibby's making me want to write Leo/Mac fic, which... is totally awesome. But disturbing. And now, I need SLEEP.)