July 14th, 2006

DA - whatever!

Home, home on the range...

FINALLY back home! Party ON, yo! It's great to see my puppy dog again.

Tomorrow's schedule is clear, except for a chiropractor appointment, so I'll hopefully be online most of tomorrow - and working on posts/profiles/etc for WHAT. Or, um, reading X-Men fics. What can I say? Seeing the movie a while back made me suddenly want to read the comics, and I found an X-Factor comic starring Jamie Madrox, so I got this big collection of X-Factor comics, plus I went and got the House of M and Decimation collections. Because, hello. Important much?

(For those who are new, I have a massive adoration of Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man. Have since I was first introduced to him. Sad to say, but that was via X-Men: Evolution. I thought, "Hm. Duplicating yourself. That would be an AWESOME power." So I hopped online, found out more about him, and voila - I had a new obsession. In terms of Evoverse - and, well, everything - it was probably not the best move, since previously my faves were Cyclops and Quicksilver, and they've got a little bit more comic appearences than Madrox does. But hey, whatev!)

For now, though, I need SLEEP. I stayed up late last night, working on my Common Application on the website, and then I couldn't get much more sleep during the day, because I drove from the Kansas-Colorado border all the way back home. By the way, going from a highway where you can creep over 90mph to streets where you can't even go the speed limit of 40mph? It's like crawling, dude. Srsly. I thought I was going to scream.

EDIT: Oh, and I changed the title and friend's page title for my LJ. The first to "What's a horse doing on a spaceship?" and the latter to "What's the twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius?" "Clom."
MST3K - fish


Oh my God. I am going to KILL the stupid-ass weather service. It just interrupted my brand new episode of Psych to alert me to possible flooding in ANOTHER DAMN COUNTY. It's a good thing that it's being repeated later tonight, or I'd be REALLY pissed.

(Also, who thought it was a good idea to schedule Psych in the same slot as the Soup and the World Series of Pop Culture? I'm already having to watch repeats of those later!)

Anyway, other news. Went to All C's today, wound up getting six comics. Three X-Factors, three from the Madrox series. J'adore Jamie.
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