July 25th, 2006

HP - hufferin

In which I babble about Harry Potter for the first time in AGES.

You know, there's a disturbing amount of Marcus Flint/OC fics on FFN. I mean, don't most you people think he's evil/stupid/ugly/etc? I mean, I could see myself writing a Marcus/OC fic (that is, if I didn't prefer him with Percy), but I always assumed I was weird in my love for him. At least I can still assume that my love of Zacharias Smith/Colin Creevey is probably not duplicated in any other fan.

Er, I realize I am quite deranged, thanks. To understand exactly how much, I should tell you all about the HP story idea that I and my cousins came up with this summer!
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EDIT: Also, I'm totally moving to England after college. Because they've got Doctor Who and Terry Pratchett and Diana Wynne Jones and I am tired of using half of my harddrive to store episodes of British TV that I could get perfectly easily if I lived there! (Well, okay, I would start getting Life on Mars now if my cable didn't decide to be the most effed up thing ever; I'm not even sure if I'll like it and I'm downloading the complete first season, because it's a cop show + time travel + hilarious 70s lingo and costumes. It's like 21 Jump Street meets Doctor Who! Which just reminds me of that one fic we were planning, and I'm going now.)