July 31st, 2006

21JS - Duh!

Rugby, and an availability update!

I, quite randomly, decided to do an all category summary search for 'rugby' on FFN. The results?

1 Transformers/Beast Wars, 1 Gilmore Girls, 2 Lord of the Rings, 1 Tekken, 1 Smallville, 1 Battle Royale II, 1 X-Files, 1 Friends, 1 Bill, 1 Harry Potter, 1 Corpse Bride, 1 Danny Phantom, 1 Code Lyoko, 1 Sailor Moon.

...I'm just a little... um, confused? Don't tell my you're not confused.

In other news, my dad broke the Internet. So I'm stuck on the wonder of dial-up until he gets back, a week from now. Yeah, he's going to Alaska for a week, starting about an hour from now. Joy. Gotta love the wonder of dial-up. (Sarcasm, folks, don't go anywhere without it!) Thankfully, I'm mostly nocturnal now, so most of the time I'm awake I'll be able to get online. Unfortunately, anybody waiting for uploads from me is going to have to keep waiting, since it's near to impossible to upload anything on dialup. Sigh.