August 11th, 2006

CJ - Seely thinks you're stupid.

First day prep, Zoom, and SPOILERS!

I'm currently sitting in front of my mother's laptop with a Ziploc bag over my head, bleaching my hair. It kinda burns, and I nearly passed out when I tried breathing through my nose. But hey, in about an hour, I will hopefully be blue haired! This is step one in my outfit for the first day of school. Also included: my Ospreys rugby jersey, a pair of BDUs, and boots. And the necklace I got at RenFest. Hells yeah. I also, now that I think about it, need to get a backpack to use. I've got a messenger bag somewhere, I'm sure.

Me and my mum went and saw Zoom today, and it is freaking brilliant. I could care less about all the "Isn't this just a rip-off of ____" posts that are going on over at IMDb. I especially love Kevin Zegers, for the small time he was actually in the movie. Heh. I've totally loved him since Time-Share, with Timothy Dalton. Damn, I love that movie. I need to get a copy...

Anyway! Crossing Jordan spoilers, anyway? Collapse )

Now, to go and do things until I can wash the bleach out of my hair. PS: NEW PSYCH! New Civil War-themed Psych, to be specific. I will be in geek heaven, I swear. (Captain Crunch, hee!)
Psych - BA-NA-NA

Hair pictures, as so requested!

And sorry for the spamming of your flists... Except that I'm not, really.

Tada! I'm BLONDE! *g* That would also be the shirt I'm wearing for the first day of school, in case you're interested. So what do you people think, should I leave it at this for a while, or go blue?
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