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August 19th, 2006

Psych - chicken

TOS'd, yet again.

Ahem. I just got our AOL account TOS'd again. I gotta stop doing that. I do it everytime I post on the teen message boards, because of "harassment". Heh. I hope my mom's not too pissed.

In other news, they've revealed three of the nine new shows over at TWoP, and I'm still in the running. Of course, the shows revealed are Studio 60, Heroes, and Six Degrees. All of which are rather duh. My other guesses were a little more random.

Anyway, the icons meme thing is going to be a little delayed, because I idiotically forgot I have to re-download Photoshop. Bittorrent informs me that it'll be another, oh, nine hours until it's done downloading.

(Oh, and I chose I Love the 70s marathon over the Psych marathon. I'm trying to forget enough about them that when the DVDs come out - and they WILL, damn it - I can sit there and watch all the episodes straight through and laugh just as hard as when I first saw them.)

EDIT: Oh, and Frank Whaley was in last night's Psych. Everyone over on TWoP was talking about how they knew him from Swimming With Sharks, or Pulp Fiction, or whatever. And I realized I knew him from Swing Kids and the "Chained" episode of NCIS. I now feel pathetic.
BtVS - pictures in the mirror

Regulars meme.

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