August 31st, 2006


I need to find my Click Five CD...

Today Was a Good Day.

First, I laughed so hard during lunch that I had an asthma attack. Second, it looks like Oscar will be able to stay in Bob's. Third, I got the first six X-Factors in a compilation. Hells yeah, dawgz. Oh, and Oscar download iChat entirely to talk to me. *preens* I'm a happy, happy child, yo.

Oh, and I finished Scorpia, so I've got one more Alex Rider book to catch up on, and I'm all caught up on CHERUB, so I'm all full of teenage spy-ness. WHOO!

PS: I totally changed the title and subtitle of my LJ to indicate my current love of Psych and Whose Line. The friends page title stays the same.
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    Click Five - "You're Gonna Have a Good Day"
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