September 4th, 2006

NCIS - pouty Tony

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You know, between Pluto no longer being a planet and the Crocodile Hunter being dead, I feel like reality is trampling all over my childhood.

Just thought I'd let y'all know.
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21JS - Duh!

I can't think. Can you think? I can't. Did I already say that?

I'm getting this weird obsession with wanting to read SVU fics. Unfortunately, I have that problem where the only character I really want to read fic for is Cassidy, and I've read and reread everything to do with him. Le sigh. I blame that rather awesome fic I was reading where Buffy is Stabler's daughter. Anybody got any good SVU crossover recs? (And anybody got any SVU/Oz recs that aren't Stabler/Beecher or Keller? I know, could I ask a harder question?)

Anyway, I found my PSP and a charging cord for it. So I've got a bunch of games that I can play! I got the Capcom thing, with 20 old arcade games? The Quiz & Dragons thing is too awesome. It's like a fantasy battle game, but instead of battle, trivia. I kept going "Thank you 21 Jump Street!" for various questions that took place in the 80s. I am pathetic. And now I sorta wanna go watch some 21 Jump Street. But naaaah. Well, maybe. What?
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