September 12th, 2006

21JS - math. hooray.

For my reference, and yours if you want it.

When my shows premiere:

NCIS - September 19th
Law & Order: CI - September 19th
Jericho - September 20th
CSI: NY - September 20th
CSI - September 21st
Shark - September 21st
Numb3rs - September 22nd
Heroes - September 25th
Ugly Betty - September 28th
Veronica Mars - October 3rd
30 Rock/20 Good Years - October 11th
Crossing Jordan - October 20th

(Yes, some of these are in the same time slots. But I can watch LOCI for the two weeks before VM premieres, right? Also, am v. v. glad that I've seen Doctor Who season two, because it's on opposite Crossing Jordan.)
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