September 26th, 2006

VM - call me!

It's a white man's sport.

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In other news, new episode of NCIS in less than two hours, party! And me and Julia have decided that we will be going as the McQuaid sisters for Halloween, so we're going to get together (...eventually), watch the McQuaid episodes, take notes, and then head off to a Goodwill to find stuff for our costumes. Haha, yeah. We're thinking this weekend, if I can get my mom to agree. And do a sleepover, at my house, with Piper (we must indoctrinate her!).
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MST3K - fish

My childhood memories... all weirded out.

So, I was bored. And then I randomly looked up V.R. Troopers, because I was wondering if I'd recognize any of the actors now. Well, I found out that the one I had a crush on went on to be a country music singer. Bwuh? Anyway, then I went and looked up Biker Mice From Mars.

And found out that the British decided to revive it.


And not ONLY that. But I also found out that the voice of Modo? Also the voice of a bunch of other childhood faves of mine, PLUS being Julian Wilkes on Viper! And a bunch of other stuff! I'm flailing here, dudes, srsly. And Throttle? What cartoons HASN'T he done voices for?! In-fucking-cluding Pinky of Pinky and the Brain, Buck Tuddrussel from Time Squad, Carl from Jimmy Neutron, and the beetle from the Ant Bully that I totally effing LOVED. Thankfully, Vinnie wasn't in near that much. Except for nearly three hundred episodes of Beverly Hills 90210!!!!!

...sorry. I died there for a moment. Better now. Jesus-effing-christ.

(OH, and NCIS was the best effing thing EVAR, fyi.)