October 2nd, 2006

LOCI - books?

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Someone, please, help me to shoot NBC's promo people. If I hear the promo "MURDER. INFIDELITY. BROOKE SHEILDS." one more damn time, I'm shootin' a bitch.

And then get thee to http://www.tamora-pierce.com/ and read the first chapter of the first Beka Cooper book. Because aside from some typos on the page, it looks BRILLIANT. I already feel closer to Beka than I have to ANY other of the main characters in all of her books - mostly because she's the equivalent of a rookie cop, but she's so shy that she can't speak to the people in charge of training her if she's looking them in the eyes. Hello, SO been there.

In other news, recieved inspiration for my next Ryan Galloway story. It involves a particularly... artistic serial killer.
X-Men - wha?

Wow, I am spammin' y'all all over.

I'm a dirty, dirty whore, and therefore kept anon and self comments. So THERE.

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