October 5th, 2006

CSI - Hodges/Greg

Nevada Chainsaw Massacre. Snerk.

I just realized why I like the pretty boy on Shark so much! There's a vague resemblance between him and John Barrowman. Plus, he has a brilliantly cute pout. He's sweet.

Also, I think Greg/Sofia would be rather cool to actually have on CSI. I dunno. They'd make cute babies!

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Also, I swear to God that Veronica Mars's criminology professor was just on Shark. Bwuh? I CONFUSED!
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CJ - Look Ma!

I am a bad, bad mod.

You know, if I were any sort of mod at all, I'd go through and tag all the posts to detectiveseely.

Yeah, that's not happening. You know what's happening? Sleep. Because I'm going to be at CU Boulder all day tomorrow and am hoping to get my mom to take me to see the Departed tomorrow, too. (Or, as I call it, that movie with like criminals and cops and lots of hot guys that will probably confuse me, but hey, eyecandy.)