October 14th, 2006

CJ - Golden Boy

Look at me, with my wild social-life-having! Plus, a meme.

Y'all don't even KNOW how much of a social life I've got, dawgz. Today, after school, I went to Tattered Cover, where I met up with Piper. We hung for a while, then went to Red Robin where we met up with Julia (plus both of their moms and brothers, Julia's sister, and Piper's mom's friend and her two girls), and then we went and saw Man of the Year (awesometastic movie, btw).

Tomorrow? Avs hockey game at 8PM, where I will be sitting between Oscar and Julia. Then I go home with Julia and Piper, because we're having a sleepover, nice and full of me and Julia trying to convert Piper to the wonder of 21 Jump Street (we figure we'll show her Mean Streets and Pastel Houses first; others later) and me trying to get both of them to love Doctor Who. Plus, a bit of MST3K'ing of this one movie. And at break I've got MileHighCon! (Which reminds me: anybody know if it's legal to sleep in the back of a truck parked in the parking lot of a hotel during a con? And if it isn't, how likely am I to be caught?)

Also have pretty much decided on a course of action for next year. No UK for me, and CU Boulder either. Instead? I'm going to move in with my Aunt Martha and Uncle Bob, and chaffeur the twins around while taking some community college courses. After a year, I'll apply to a state college with my loverly residency. Suhweet, man. This way, I get some freedom and responsibility, but in a familiar location so it won't totally overwhelm me.

And I've swung back to forensics as a career. I know, I know, this plan NEVER ends well for me. But hey, I go to Anne Arundel Community College for an Associate Degree in Forensic Science, see if I like/have any aptitude for it, eh? And if I don't, I can easily go into something else when I transfer for my bachelor's, eh? Indeed.

Now, for fun, a meme! Because I don't do NEARLY enough of those, right?

Choose twelve of your original characters in any particular order (NO PEEKING AT THE QUESTIONS AT THIS STAGE!). Then, answer the questions that follow: (I decided to this with a nice blend of some fanfiction OCs, some true OCs, and some RPG characters.)
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