November 9th, 2006

CJ - Smile

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Okay, I haven't been posting my Nano updates lately. That's because, to be honest, it's totallyhorrible and cheesy and is a damn soap opera. But dude, I LOVE it. I love my poor gay detective soap opera.

I've also been giving some thought to having him quit the force at some point and start a private detective business with Max, simply because Max randomly jumped up and decided it was an awesome idea. You also have him to blame for the whole runaway side plot, although the kid is totally all my fault (but him showing up so early is aaaaall Julia's fault; I asked her in family group if he should come in now or later on, and she was all "NOW!"). But dudes, I'm totally on schedule for Nano! And I'm more than double my former best! So I am pretty damn happy, dawgz.

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Also, I had the random idea that if this were a movie or TV show, Neil Patrick Harris should play Ryan. Because I'm a dumbass like that.