November 22nd, 2006

06 - Gallow's Humor

NCIS, plus more pets

Finally saw the latest NCIS! (Aka, yesterday's.)
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Someone, please, talk me out of naming whatever new pet I get next Captain Jack. Even if it's a girl.

Oh, by the way, news update on the pet front: we're definitely putting Sam down December 1st. We managed to get it done at the kennel he always went to when we were all away, which is good because he adores the place (it's for large dogs and horses only; he adores the horses there).

If I do get a cat, it's going to have to stay with my parents until I get my own place, because my aunt turned out to be allergic to them. If I get a dog, it's possible I'd be able to bring it along, but I have to talk to her about it. I'll definitely be adopting from the Denver Dumb Friends League whatever kind of pet I get. (A ferret? Should I get a ferret? They've got those! Except a quick look at the site tells me they don't have any currently.)

I'm sort of leaning towards a dog, because I don't want to get all close to an animal and then have to leave it after a few months. This puppy looks absolutely adorable.

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And now, to work on my Nano! And not to work on my Sims 2 version of Ryan's house, even though it is quite awesome.