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December 6th, 2006

BtVS - Latin

This makes me sad about my intelligence.

First sentence posted, each month of 2006:

HAPPY 2006!

Fun fact of the day: my first real music video (I do not consider my POS Harry Potter/Bourne Identity/Highlander video set to "Walk Through the Fire" that I made in ninth grade to be a REAL music video) I ever made?

Can you name 21 people you can think of right off the top of your head?

Oh God oh God oh God OH EFFING GOD.

I totally just slept for twelve hours straight.

Boston U is now my uber-top, am-applying-early-decision, choice.

Right, so.


I'm just kicking back, playing my Legacy household (one of the parents - not the founder, his wife - died, and I've currently got one teen, four children, and a pregnant founder, and until about a second ago that was two children and two toddlers), watching Roseanne, when I glance up and... catch Joss Whedon's name in the credits.

Someone, please, help me to shoot NBC's promo people.

It all started, as most things in my life did back then, with me coming off of a ten-hour long sugar high.

My school's kinda cool.
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