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December 10th, 2006

06 - Gallow's Humor

Nano Fic: There Goes the Neighborhood

Title: There Goes the Neighborhood
"Series": The Girlfriend, 3/3
Prompt: #058, Dinner
Word Count: ~1800
Rating: G
Summary: In which it's like Meet the Parents, only not at all.

It was nearly seven o'clock and Melissa was having the first of many heart attacks.Collapse )
MST3K - fish

Nano Fic: Night Drive

Title: Night Drive
"Series": The Friend, 1/2
Prompt: #001, Beginnings
Word Count: ~1700
Rating: PG, for coarse language (gasp!)
Summary: In which Kit takes driver's ed, which takes a turn for the worse.

That's it, I'm cursed, I refuse to ever drive anything ever again in my life.Collapse )
TW - owen green

My Torchwood Reaction, with a Side of Philosophy

Spoilers for Random ShoesCollapse )
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