December 18th, 2006

#s - *headdesk on Colby*

Random Updation

It is very awkward, typing without the use of my left-hand index finger. Not impossible, of course, just slower. I must be typing, like, 40wpm now. It's terrible!

Why I Can't Use My Left Index Finger: my sweet little Jack scratched the hell out of it last night after I put a Santa hat on him. So it's all nice and wrapped up with a gauze pad and all that. Hooray!

Anyway... I am in second period ceramics and bored out of my mind (right, folks, like anybody's going to do anything the last two days before break? Oh, y'all crack me up!). So I'm formulating a plot for my JanNoWriMo (what can I say, I'm addicted now). (Also, I like parentheses.)

In random other news, my mother's not letting me have my Welsh language program back until I find the Spanish one. Damn!

And finally,

Edit: EVEN MORE UPDATE! In addition to my mostly-immobile finger, I'm fairly certain I also have a concussion from a door being slammed into my head. This is all just revenge for me punishing Ryan so much in my Nano, isn't it?
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