January 21st, 2007

X-Men - wha?



There is Buffy/Biker Mice From Mars SLASH. With Xander/Throttle.


I am now never ever going to finish research, because that just broke my brain. And possibly my childhood.
CJ - Smile

"What the hell is wrong with you people?!" *takes a sip*

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Now, I stare blankly at my JanNo for a while, work on my Business Law course, and then go to bed and get some sleep because Monday is JAMPACKEDACTIONDAY!!!! School, then I take Carter home and hang out with Oscar, then my mom drops us off at the light rail and we go into downtown Denver for the Nuggets game (first one with Mello back!). After the game, my mom picks me, Oscar, and Carter up, we drop Carter off, take Oscar home, and then I probably sleep as we drive from Evergreen to Aurora. Hooray!

But, right. For now, do that other stuff I said up there and am too lazy to repeat. Also, keep refreshing TorrentSpy, so I can download this episode and make iconz of Will and Matt/Will.
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