January 28th, 2007

HMT - ...huh?

Of craziness and illegal activities...

I'm beginning to worry that I'm having serious slips with reality. I mean, I keep forgetting whether something happened in a dream or in real life! That can't be normal, right?

The little conversations or sights from my dreams that I think are real aren't the main problem, though, it's when I dream up people and then go to school the next day and completely expect them to be there and they're not. It's a good thing I've already got an appointment with my shrink this week.

In other, but possibly related, news, I am so bored by everything right now. Seriously. It's that level of boredom where you're too bored to do anything to make youself not bored anymore, and I have been in this state pretty much all of today. And it would have been yesterday, too, but me, Piper, and Julia went to the movies! We were supposed to see Epic Movie, and their parents still think we did, but after we got the tickets for it, we easily snuck into Smokin' Aces instead. (Hey, we paid for A movie, we just went to a different one that we originally "intended" to.) It was all sorts of awesome, with lots of blood and crazy people. I'm sort of in love with it, even though I saw the big "twist" coming from waaaay back at the beginning. Heh.

Now, off to be bored until FOX cartoons start, and hey! We find out who kicks it on Jordan tonight!
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