February 18th, 2007

21JS - WHOA.

Oh, the pain! THE PAIN!

Ow ow fucking ow! I just totally slipped at the bottom of the stairs and managed to both wrench AND bang my knee on my way down. I have this sinking feeling that tomorrow, my knee is going to look like a grapefruit and feel like crap. Oy, me. I'm such a pain in my ass. And, well, knee.

Hung out with my cousin today - went to the Unitarian church, which was nice, but I think I'm going to continue with attending my church of geekery - aka, reading/writing fanfiction or watching TV/reading books during time traditionally spent at church. Because, well, it fulfills me spiritually (enough, anyway), and doesn't have all the extra anxiety of actually interacting with other human beings. Of course, I may just be feeling like this because I didn't take my Prozac this weekend, heh.

And Kirsten? I love my cousin, really I do, but she gets on my nerves! So much. Oy. Why'd I invite her to stay over tonight? WHY? I had a nice little four-day weekend all set, and I have to go and hang out with my cousin who constantly pisses me off.

In other news, watched the MST3K for Hamlet last night, 'twas quite hilarious!
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