February 27th, 2007

LOCI - research

Fic for class!

'Sup, dudes? GUESS WHAT! I totally managed to work it so that I get to write a fanfic to finish off my research class. Heh. Now I just need to decide stuff about it, such as: what fandom? What characters? What everything? And then I get to analyze it. And then I'm done with research class! *parties*

I figure that I'll make a Harry Potter fic, and probably a crossover. But with WHAT! *evil, random laughter* Part of me wants to write a 21 Jump Street/HP fic. Because it would crack me up. Hm...
NCIS - camera

NCIS post

Note: once upon a time, I liked Hollis Mann. Now? I just want her to get shot, so that every time Gibbs speaks there aren't fifteen meanings to each word. ARGH.
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MST3K - fish


So, I totally got bored and decided to dye my hair. Srsly. I also got an awesome shirt that has a hood built in, and is green striped (like, three or four different shades of green). Picture:

(In other news, I think I'm going with a Torchwood/HP crossover for my research!fic. So... if anyone has houses they think the TW team should be in, lemme know! I already have good ideas, but I could be persuaded...)

And now, to pack for le trip to le Maryland for le 2 weeks. *dies*