March 22nd, 2007

SS - bigger sets

I'm gonna assume that 'David' is Hodges. Also, fic recs!

Your CSI story (females only, sorry) by paperwings
Your theme song:Angels- Within Temptation
Specific job:Trace technician
Why you became a CSI:You thought it was cool.
One word that describes you:Cold.
Your most memorable quote:Checkmate.
One dangerous situation you faced:What are you talking about? I've never been in any situation like that!
One awesome accomplishment:Changing your hairstyle everyday for a month.
One less then flattering accomplishment:You stepped on Grissom's prized cockroach.
You are most affected by your work when:You found the body of your first child case.
Your best friend/co-worker:Greg Sanders
Your new boyfriend:David
How you ended up together:You were put on the same case together, and it just happened.
What lies in store:You get murdered.

Except for that last bit, I like it!

Also, I've been rereading all of the HP humor fics I adore. This means I've been giggling for a few hours straight - I think my mum is becoming worried. Also, does anybody have any recs for HP fic? I'm looking for long, good fics, starring either Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, Slytherins, Percy, or the Creeveys (yes, that's an odd list). Also, AU fics or crossovers.
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Derob is bored. Poor Derob!


Er, right. Ignore me. I am a terrible, horrible human being. Please ignore my general mutterings about overthrowing the world and - OH MY GOD, I'M MISSING THE SIMPSONS!!!!!!!

...look, I've been reading HP humor!fic all day long, I'm entitled to a bit of crazy. Which is why I'm writing a story about the year beneath Harry's at Hogwarts. Hooray?
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