March 29th, 2007

MST3K - fish

Random real life stuff - yes, AGAIN. Screw you! Also, check the MST3K icon

So Jill's putting together a talent show. I signed up. My talent?

Telling really, really bad jokes.

Also, I should really go to bed. But I'm actually not too tired, despite the lack of sleep I've had! It's crazy. I'm crazy. Also, I wanna gnaw on stuff, and this is the episode of FG where Joe's all, "Pretend I'm one of your children!" starts getting dropped "Not Meg, not Meg!"

I'm gonna try and get Tara to give me English credit for April Fools. April Fools, FYI, is a spin-off of NaNoWriMo where you can set your own word goal for the month. I'm doing 30K, working on Dimitri Jones and the Trials and Tribulations of Life as an Evil Henchman.

Now, onto important stuff. I've been inspired (mostly by the fact that, let's face it, criminal justice classes are kinda boring and mind-numbing, but also partially by my recurring love of history) to change my plan for the future back to history teacher. However, I thought that I might as well do a little informal polling! So, based on what you know about me and/or your own bias, vote for my future!

Poll #956142 CAREER!

Which career path should I try?

Criminal justice - cop or special agent
Criminal justice - forensics
Criminal justice - law
Education - elementary/middle
Education - high school history
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MST3K - fish

Too sleep deprived to type much. YAWN.

I threw up on the way to school again. I really gotta stop that, it's quite annoying. Also, it makes the back of my throat burn. But hey, I'm totally better now.

Also, I wanna make more MST3K icons. And I need to make Julia a macademia nuts icon - she smokes them, yannow!

Spent most of school working on things for April Fools. Hey, it starts Sunday, I gotta be prepared!

In other news... going to the Gaelic Storm concert tonight at the Gothic! *dances* I know the tour's for their new CD, but it'll be awesome if they do Johnny Tarr or Beggarman, too.
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