April 12th, 2007

CSI - Hodges/Greg

"Lab Rats" = Best. CSI. EVAR.

Seriously. It might have been a half-clip show, but it was still awesometastical.

Collapse )

And in the spirit of CSIness, I present: me and the group as the lab rats!

Me - Wendy (commandeering and bitchy FTW!)
Julia - Mandy (subtle eye-rolling humor FTW!)
Piper - Hodges (delusional, obsessive freak with an inflated sense of self-worth)
Oscar - Archie (as previously stated)
Patrick - Henry (normal, and a pushover)
Emily - Greg, the rocker side.
Carter - Greg, the geek side.

(So, I... ship Piper/Emily/Carter? Huh? Er, ignore me.)
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