April 26th, 2007

21JS - wordless

Learn something new everyday.

So. My dad has informed me that IF I get my room clean, and IF me and my mother clean the entire house, THEN he'll CONSIDER letting me get a dog. Also, he doesn't want a dog, as it's "just another thing to waste time and money on". Well, that's nice.

So. I'm quite looking forward to getting a job, saving money, and getting my own place. Anybody need a flatmate? Srsly.

(It also quite figures that the first time I feel the urge for independence is so that I can get an animal. I so going to be the crazy spinster lady of my neighborhood.)
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WIP Meme!

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I had forgotten how awesome my story about Two (that's the blurb with Caretaker and the Doctors; the main character is named Two) is. I need to continue that. Also, I need to bulk out my second-person story: it's technically done, but I really need more. I think. Actually, it might work better just as it. Okay, I'll do an informal poll:

Should I post my second-person story now, or should I keep staring at it in the hopes of bulking it up?