May 17th, 2007

Skins - best friend

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP + free download

Ahem. The geek alert has gone off. (Visit here to see the new shows.)

Things I'll watch: Online Nation (The CW), Reaper (The CW), Chuck (NBC AND OMG ADAM BALDWIN GEEK HUMOR SPIES FTW!!!), The IT Crowd (NBC AND ZOMG JOEL MCHALE!!!), Pushing Daisies (ABC AND DEAD PEOPLE AND WONDERFALLS-ESQUE AND ZOMGOMGOMGOMG LEE PACE AS STAR! I LESS THAN THREE LEE PACE!), Kid Nation (CBS, and FUCK YEAH, man! A bunch of kids building their own city, I used to DREAM about this).

Things that look good and I might watch: Aliens in America (The CW), Bionic Woman (NBC), Journeyman (NBC), Singing Bee (NBC), Woman's Murder Club (ABC, interesting, but no hot guys to stare at), Eli Stone (ABC), Miss/Guided (ABC).

Things that I can't decided on for some reason or another: Gossip Girl (The CW, it's got Connor Paolo), Life is Wild (The CW, it's got K'sun Ray), Big Shots (ABC, it's got Chris Titus), Carpoolers (ABC, it's got Jerry O'C.), Cavemen (ABC, it's the Geico cavemen zomg), Private Practice (ABC, it's got Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, AND Chris Lowell), New Amsterdam (FOX - on the one hand, it sounds completely cool; on the other hand, it's on FOX and shall therefore be canceled), The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX, sounds cool and has Summer Glau - on the other hand, I've never seen the Terminator movies), Big Bang Theory (CBS, has Johnny Galecki, but sounds kind of stupid), Cane (CBS, has Rita Moreno and Alona Tal, but sounds kinda boring).

In other news, free download! MIRRORS ON SHOES - "LIVEJOURNAL"
X-Men - wha?

Help needed!

I'm booooored. So, I request something of all you reading this: give me some websites you spend hours and hours on. Addictive games are good too, but try to remember that numbers will make me go cross-eyed, and I like trivia and sims. Okie doke!

Oh, also, I need y'all's advice again. Which stories should I focus on?
Poll #986828 Yet another focus poll


Harry Potter/Torchwood crossover, starring Ianto and Owen
Hufflepuff power fic, starring Zacharias Smith and Megan Jones
My dearly beloved crack!fic, with past mpreg (never described), and starring Percy Weasley/Marcus Flint and Zacharias Smith/Harry Potter

Non-HP fic!

I have these?
Torchwood/CJ crossover, starring Matt/Owen (and about to be much more crack-rific)
My CSI/NCIS story that I need to majorly rehaul and is casefic
Skins fic (all focused on Maxxie, with Maxxie/Tony and Maxxie/Chris, prolly)

Original story!

Kids raised by scientists with powers (and not typical ones)
Three random people in a random fantasy world are kidnapped by slave traders and have wacky adventures
A group of preteens are gathered for sinister purposes by a crime organization (they also have powers, but typical ones)

Finally: should I submit my research paper on fanfiction as my writing sample for the honors program, and will you read it?

No, but I want to read it.
Yes, but I don't have the time to read it.
Yes, and I wanna read it.
Yes, and I'll even heavily edit it and give criticism!
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