May 27th, 2007



DUDE. *random spazzing* OMG. Guyz! There's going to be a song in High School Musical 2 with just Ryan and Chad! *starry eyed*

...okay, feel free to completely ignore me.
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LOCI - biscuit bitch!

New AIM!

This just in! I've got a new AIM screenname in the hopes of weaning myself away from all my anime-related names (I've got it linked to otakulee, though, since I know most people will still IM me there): biscuiteatingSOB

I tried thefishlives and walnutstampede, but sadly, they were already taken. *sad face*
RL - Welsh rugby

Me @ graduation!

I've got the bag Andrew gave me on my head, and am holding a tabby cat from Build-A-Bear that my mum got me, named Captain Jack Harkness V (my real cat is Capt. Jack Harkness IV). Yayz!