June 7th, 2007

21JS - math. hooray.

When I'm bored, I make plans. And diagrams. And charts.

*whiny voice* I'm booooored. Somebody entertain me! *throws temper tantrum*

...right, now that that's over, let me continue. I'm currently between geography (which was alright today - mostly a lot of babbling about volcanoes, but not as boring as the straight geology lesson from Tuesday) and math. I've already eaten some Subway, I've been to the library and picked up a bunch of books on Wales, I've checked my emails and the like... I think I'm going to pack it up here, go to the bathroom, and then sit in the lounge in the science building and play WoW or something.

Tomorrow is when the real fun starts. I wake up about the same time as normal, and drive down to Humanex, where I bully Tracy and David (principal and vice-principal/counselor) into writing recommendations for me for the honors program, I get JR to sign my yearbook (since he decided not to come to the last day of school), and then Julia, me, her brother, and her brother's friend Steven are going to go see Ocean's 13. Then I sleep over at Julia's, and in the morning we go to the opening day of the Renaissance Festival.

It's gonna be awesome.

Anyway, the more cultural anthro classes I go to, the more I'm sure I want to be an anthro major. And not just because the teacher's awesome (owns a tire store as a tax shelter, calls me 'kiddo', and made sure that we all knew that, in a Donner-party situation, to crack open dead peoples' long bones to get at the caloric marrow). Now, the problem is: what do I want to do in the broad field of anthropology?! I'm not into primate studies (I mean, it's v. v. cool, but I wouldn't want a career in it), Native American and African studies bore me just a bit... I figure I can focus in Celtic/Scandinavian (or just general Northern Europe/Hemisphere).

But then there's the option of forensic anthropology (yes, like Bones). I'm interested in this, too, and it's also the most lucrative option due to the fact that there's maybe 20 forensic anthropologists in the whole country.

I guess I'll just wait and see what my talents lie in, if my interests are too broad.