June 22nd, 2007

SS - bigger sets

I must stop looking at macros...

I am sitting here, starvin' to deffs, and my mommy won't even make me dinner!

I guess this means I have to get off my lazy arse to feed myself. Sigh. Being growed up is so HARD.

In other news... I CAN HAS NEW DOKTR HOO PLZ?! PLLLLLLLLLLZ? Or, y'know, in non-macro-talk: I want new Doctor Who, with all the prettiful ppls.

I also need a power cord for my DS, so that I may play more Puzzle Quest. 'TIS ADDICTIVE! In meantime, I shall watch Grim Adventures and read HP mpreg. And rite moar of my story. Hoorah! But first, FOODZ.