June 28th, 2007

NY - Aw.

Oh, me.

ARGH. I can't decide if I should stick around another two hours (and then two hours after that) to go to my math class, or not. I mean, it isn't as if I'll be learning anything in it - missing a class will just lower my participation grade, not impact my learning.

Plus, I'm really really worn out. I woke up this morning around 10AM, but stayed in bed for nearly an hour and a half because the mere thought of moving made my head hurt (I mean, it hurt anyway, but extra-hurt). Then, of course, there was the vague nausea that lasted from when I woke up until around 12.45. And now I just feel completely wiped and ready to pass out.

In related, and rather amusing news, according to the biorhythms app on Facebook, these are my biorhythms for today:

Physical: VERY LOW INDEED. Rest. (-100 % but rising.)
Emotional: EXCEPTIONAL DAY. You're emotionally bullet-proof! (100 % but falling.)
Intellectual: An OK day for brain power. (37 % and rising.)

Sounds remarkably correct! And also, it says that it 'extremely rare' to receive either a 100 or -100... and I've got one of each. *shakes head* I'm such a freak of nature. A tired freak of nature. Yeah, I'mma go home. Ciao.

(I have been marking far too many entries as 'rl'. SOMEBODY HALP MEH!)
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